Composeal Aqua Shell High Performance


  • Fast drying, thin, load bearing liquid applied membrane
  • Composed of a modified elastomeric copolymer
  • Creates 100% waterproof membrane coating and crack isolation
  • Apply to practically any form or irregular shape
  • Available in 3.5 or 1 Gallon

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Compotite COMPOSEAL AQUA SHELL HIGH PERFORMANCE—the ultimate waterproofing solution for your shower projects. Crafted with innovation and reliability in mind, this flexible membrane offers superior protection against moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability for every installation. It’s easy-to-install design saves you time and effort, while its versatility allows for seamless integration into any shower design. With Compotite COMPOSEAL AQUA SHELL, you can bid farewell to water damage worries and hello to flawless shower projects. Elevate your installations with confidence and efficiency. Trust Compotite for top-notch quality and innovation in every detail.

AquaShell HP is a heavy duty, thin, load bearing liquid applied membrane composed of a modified elastomeric copolymer. With excellent elongation properties and high strength, AquaShell HP Creates 100% waterproof membrane coating and crack isolation up to 1/8 of an inch for high quality thin-set tile installations. The membrane is installed in a liquid state and can be applied to practically any form or irregular shape (i.e. base flashings, protrusions, walls, etc.).


  • Maximum durability for heavy duty commercial construction and residential installations.
  • Low perm rating makes it ideal for continuous commercial steam rooms.
  • Exceeds ANSI 118.10 & High Performance ANSI 118.12 for waterproofing and crack isolation.
  • Formulated to be used with reinforcing fabric throughout.
  • Cures in 2-4 hours (at 700, 50% R.H.) and allows foot traffic in 4 – 6 hours.
  • Can be easily applied with trowel, airless sprayer, paint brush or roller.
  • Interior and exterior
  • Adheres to all common surfaces including concrete, cement backer board, plastic, metal, hardwood, brick, exterior grade plywood (interior only).
  • Low VOC

Installation Requirements

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be between 40º F (4º C) to 95º F (35º C) and structurally sound (deflection not to exceed 1/360 of the span), dry, clean and free from oil, grease, wax, paint, old adhesives, sealers and curing compounds. Any contaminates which inhibit proper bond must be removed. Substrate preparation should be completed following ANSI A108.01

General Requirements:

Subsurfaces and Preparation by Other Trades.” All substrates should be plumb and true, surface deviation should not exceed1/4” in 10’. If product has separated or thickened hard, product should be mixed with a slow mixing drill, not incorporating air. Some separation may occur upon standing, which has no reflection upon the quality of the product.


AquaShell HP has been formulated to perform as a waterproof and crack isolation membrane with reinforcing fabric. As a commercial waterproof membrane, manufacturer recommends the use of Composeal 8” and 36” reinforcing fabrics to ensure maximum protection in the field as well as at joints, cracks, protrusions, dissimilar materials, and drains.

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