Composeal Grey Gold 50 mil Waterproofing Membrane


  • Manufactured in a 60” width
  • Packaged in 50 ft. and 100 ft. rolls.
  • 50% Recycled Content
  • Provides a sound rating of IIC 66 and STC 66

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Controls Sound Transmission In high quality thin-set Tile Installations and Protects From Substrate Cracks & Moisture Migration.

COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD was introduced by Compotite in 1998 to provide sound control for above grade thin-set ceramic, glass or stone tile installations. COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD.


Sound reduction capability

COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD provides a sound rating of IIC 66 and STC 66 in above grade ceramic tile installations over 6” concrete slab floors above a suspended ceiling.

Rack Isolation & Direct Bonding capability

COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD passes ANSI A118.12 and performs equally or better than the superior performance record of COMPOSEAL GOLD 40 mil Crack Isolation Waterproof membrane.


COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD is used as a concealed sound reduction and/or crack isolation and waterproof membrane under thin-set installations of ceramic, glass or stone tile in new construction, renovation or repair in residential and commercial projects. Negligible shrinkage at extreme temperatures combined with low water vapor permeability makes COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD especially ideal for sound control on radiant heated flooring and steam cleaned floor

Code Acceptability, Certification

COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD has been tested for Sound Transmission Loss as specified by ASTM E90-97 and ASTM E413-87 resulting in a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 66 with a suspended ceiling. COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD was also tested for Impact Sound Transmission as specified by ASTM E492-90 and ASTM E989-89, and given an Impact Isolation Class (IIC) rating of 66 with a suspended ceiling.

  • Manufactured in a 60” width
  • Packaged in 50 ft. and 100 ft. rolls.
  • 50% Recycled Content
  • Provides a sound rating of IIC 66 and STC 66

Installation Requirements

Substrate Bond Coat

Install COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD membrane using any Latex-Portland Cement (modified thin-set) Mortar complying with ANSI A118.4 according to manufacturers directions.

For faster installation and with any substrate suspicious of water migration a rapid setting Latex-Portland Cement Mortar complying with ANSI A118.4 should be used. Rapid setting mortar installation has the advantage of allowing same-day setting of tile above the membrane. Verify bonding mortar as to manufacturer’s compatibility with membrane.

Tile Setting Bed

Tile is bonded directly to COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD using the thin-set method in accordance with ANSI A108.5 and using ANSI A118.4 Latex- Portland Cement Mortar.  A thick-setting wire reinforced mud bed in accordance with ANSI A108.1 may also be used.

Accessory Installation Material

Acoustical Sealant

is required at the perimeter of the floor, and at any penetration of the floor inside the perimeters. There should be a 3/8” wide joint at these locations, that continues through tile work. Neither tile nor setting mortar should touch the walls or protruding pipes, etc. However, in waterproofing installations, the COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD membrane should be extended 6” min. up the wall.

Seam Welding:

COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD is welded with the Composeal Flexible PVC Solvent Cement applied generously through the fleece of both pieces to be welded. Once cement has become tacky the layers are ready to be placed together with a 2” overlap. Verify complete adhesion through membrane layers.


Pre-formed COMPOSEAL GOLD inside and outside corners are available for waterproofing jobs. Flashing and Sealants: COMPOSEAL GREY GOLD is bonded to metal flashings, drains, protrusions etc. with Compotite Elastiseal or a 100% mold/mildew resistant silicone.

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