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Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement

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Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement is a clear, light bodied, fast drying solvent cement designed specifically for use in welding seams and corners of Composeal Blue Vinyl Shower Pan Liner and Composeal Gold Crack Isolation Waterproof membrane. Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement can be used to weld any combination of Composeal membranes. (Blue to Blue, Gold to Gold, Blue to Gold.)

Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement is used as a contact cement providing instant, high strength which increases as the solvent dissipates. The longer the open time*, (1-2 minutes) and with sufficient assembly pressure, the greater the immediate strength will be. This product is considered a hazardous material. Please refer to product label and MSDS for safety precautions. *See “Installation, step C”.

A. Apply Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement only to clean and dry Composeal membranes.

B. Using the dauber supplied, coat each side of the seam to be welded. If seaming two sheets of membrane, coat both sides to a width of at least two inches. If installing pre-formed corner, coat entire surface of corner and area of membrane to which the corner will be bonded. Apply an even coating with sufficient thickness for complete contact. For large installations, cement may be applied using a brush.
C. Open time: Allow 1-2 minutes drying time for the surface of the adhesive to become slightly tacky. In low humidity areas, less drying time is required. Do not wait so long that the cement skins over or dries out.
D. When applying cement to Composeal GOLD, a larger quantity of cement is required to thoroughly penetrate through fabric scrim. Apply an initial application to wet out scrim then apply a second coat to assure enough cement is in place for full contact.
E. After drying time (1-2 minutes), press seams together using as much pressure as possible. A small steel roller is ideal, but many tools can be used to apply sufficient pressure to assure a good bond.
F. If installation is to be flood tested, wait at least one hour after seaming is complete. Welds will be water tight and continue to gain strength for up to 48 hours.
G. Coverage varies depending on application and conditions.
H. Shelf life: 3 years expectancy with tightly sealed containers. If container is left open, solvent will evaporate. Evaporation will cause the cement thicken and reduce its effectiveness.

Compotite products are available nationwide through an extensive network of stocking distributors and dealers. For the name of the Compotite representative, distributor or dealer nearest you, please call Compotite Corporation.

All Compotite products are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for one year from date of manufacture.

Once properly installed and cured, Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement requires no maintenance.

Technical Assistance is available through your local Composeal representative, or through Compotite Corporation at the number shown above.

For more information, please refer to the following, available through Compotite Corporation:

A. MSDS Composeal Flexible Vinyl Cement
B. Sweets Brochure, Composeal GOLD Membrane
C. Sweets Brochure, Composeal Blue Vinyl Shower Pan Liner
D. Short Form Specifications, Composeal GOLD Membrane
E. Short Form Specifications, Composeal Blue Vinyl
F. COM 1801 How to Install Composeal GOLD Membrane
G. COM 1802 How to Install ComposealShower Pan

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